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Erika is the author of two self-help books, Let Your Greatest Struggles Provide Your Greatest Opportunities and 52 Weeks of Self Relfection.  Each of these books help readers explore the challenges of life while encouraging them to use challenging situations to make them stronger. In her most recent book, 52 Weeks of Self Reflection, Erika introduced a guided self-reflection journal which provides a years worth of reflection prompts to focus on and develop. It will help you develop a newfound level of clarity, calmness and understanding. This title is an Amazon Best Seller.

Erika is an advocate for the mental health community. Her next book, Taking Back My Marbles, addresses her struggles with mental health and overcoming the stigma. Her goal is to educate others about the importance of mental health, while tackling the stigma that comes along with it.

African Americans Are

1 in 5



Adults in America Experience
Mental Illness

of Adults With a Mental
Illness Don’t Receive

Mental Health Services

More Likely  To Experience
Mental Illness Than
The General Population

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