52 Weeks of Self Reflection

Ignite Your Innermost Thoughts Through Journaling

Write your way through self refelction with this reflective journal. 52 Weeks of Self Reflection provides the inspiration you need to ignite self-reflection through writing. Each week you will be introduced to a new topic that you will either reflect on immediately or incorporate throughout your week, and reflect at the close of the week. No matter your goal, you will have a clear, refreshing reflection of self at the completion of your 52 weeks.

Let Your Greatest Struggles Provide Your Greatest Opportunities

Take A Good Hard Look At Your Biggest Challenges and Use Them As Steps to Success

Let Your Greatest Struggles Provide Your Greatest Opportunities: The Confessions and Reflections of a Real Single Mom is a self-help book that focuses on Erika’s experiences as she developed as a single mother, business owner and person overall. Erika allows you a front row seat into some of her biggest bumps in the road and introduces you to her way of successfully overcoming them. Each chapter has a lesson and allows you the opportunity to reflect on your very own experiences.
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African Americans Are

1 in 5



Adults in America Experience
Mental Illness

of Adults With a Mental
Illness Don’t Receive

Mental Health Services

More Likely  To Experience
Mental Illness Than
The General Population

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